Yo…… Read this real quick. 👊🏾

Let's Talk / Sunday, May 28th, 2017
  1. Life will always run its course, no matter how much you stress about things. It just keeps going.
  2. Learn to love and enjoy yourself, and be confident in who you are. Because confidence is the most attractive thing a person can wear.
  3. Stop waiting to get thinner, richer, or smarter to go for the things that you deserve. That perfect moment to change your life rarely comes unless YOU create it, so go for it now.
  4. True friendship is easy, so If it involve stress, or drama. LET-IT-GO!  Like today….
  5. People make time for the things and people that they would like. So don’t spend too much time wondering why so-and-so hasn’t wanted to hang lately. If they wanted to make time for you, they would.
  6. Don’t feel bad about doing anything that makes you happy, regardless of how people feel about it. The only person that has to live your life, is you.
  7. If you feel broken, don’t wait for anyone to come along and fix you, fix yourself. More importantly, don’t run to the person that broke you in the first place.
  8. Stop over analyzing and stressing yourself out over things that “might be”. If you need to speak to someone, or ask their motives. Just do it. If you lose this person…..Stop and ask yourself how many people have left your life that you actually regret losing. For me, absolutely no-one. If you left my life, it was because you were supposed to. #ByeFelicia
  9. Don’t let other peoples problem, become your problems.
  10. Stop letting the fear of rejection control your actions, you’ll never know that outcome unless you actually go for it.
  11. Don’t fall in love with a person that feels the need to change everything about you, unless its for the better
  12. Break down the walls that you build around your heart. Certainly those walls will keep the wrong people out, but those same walls will stop the right people from getting in.
  13. It’s easier to trust, then not to trust.
  14. Competing with others around you, will get you nowhere. Outdoing your past-self is how you win.
  15. Certain things, and people, you’ll never understand. Don’t waste your time trying to makes sense of other peoples decision making. Live and Let Live.
  16. Learn to seek less validation from people about your own thoughts and actions. Trust your own decision making.
  17. Learn to step outside your circle of friends to make new connections. Just because you make New more friends, doesn’t mean you’re putting the old ones to the side. Expansion is rarely a bad thing, and I’ve found that having a good balance of friends makes for a happier lifestyle.
  18. Some of the people you think you’ll grow old with, can become distant strangers.
  19. Sometimes distant strangers can come become awesome friends.
  20. Love has its own timeline, when its the right time, it will find you.
  21. If your dreams don’t scare you a little, there not big enough.
  22. Learn to embrace the beauty in growth as you get older. Your changing and evolving in to a better you every single day. The older you get, the wiser you become…… in most cases.

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