WTF is a Social Phobia?? 🤔

Let's Talk / Tuesday, May 30th, 2017
So what is SocialPhobia, you may ask? It’s having the strong fear of being embarrassed or judged by others in a public setting. Things that come natural to everybody else can be a struggle for a person with SocialPhobia. For example, most people tend to get nervous in new environments or social settings, but a person with socialphobia will get nervous about theses things weeks before they even happen. 
What’s it like to have SocialPhobia?
Have you even been called on to read in class or any situation that you may have to read out loud In front of others? For those few moments that you’re reading it feels like the whole world is listening to you, judging your every word and making sure you pronounced everything correctly. Your heart pounds quickly, and your hands shake while you try your best to get through it,  and try not to appear nervous. When it’s over, you look around to see if anybody noticed the fact you just freaked out privately to yourself. Trust me, SocialPhobia is real! Its something that many people struggle with, and can get quite overwhelming. Take it from me, it can get very difficult to deal with.
People with SocialPhobia tend to: 
• Get anxious about being with other people and have a hard time talking to them, even though they wish they could
• Be very self-conscious in front of other people and feel embarrassed
• Be very afraid that other people will judge them
• Worry for days or weeks before an event where other people will be
• Stay away from places where there are other people
• Have a hard time making friends and keeping friends
• Blush, sweat, or tremble around other people
I’m no Doctor, but this is something I have personally dealt with for years, but it is something that you can overcome with the right practices. For me the biggest thing was remembering to breath and relax in most situations. Most of the things I stressed about never were as bad as I thought, and worrying never stopped the outcome. I also found that if you look around a room, you’ll see the half the people in a room are just as nervous as you, some just do a  better job of hiding it than others. But above all else, your circumstance does not define who you are! Learn to make your life work for YOU!

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Source: National Institute of Mental Health

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