That time I “accidentally” drove though #HurricaneMatthew

So now that life has returned to normal I felt the juice to write an article about my time going through #HurricaneMatthew. This was my

first hurricane, and I completely freaked out! I freaked out on a level that I never have before in my life! Everything from the news

reporters, all the way to my family and friends had me on 10.


When I first heard that Hurricane Matthew was coming, I didn’t really pay it much attention. After all, this is Florida and we see and hear

of many hurricanes so I just kinda went on about life as normal. Thinking that this one will pass like all the others. But once I seen that this

huge hurricane was making a track straight for Florida, I began to freak out slightly but not completely. Since once again, this is Florida

and news reporters like to scare the living crap out of you, I still didn’t think anything of it.


The day before the hurricane was supposed to hit, I was leaving work and happened to listen to the radio that day just to see what was

going on. The radio personality was informing in Orlando that we need to get food water and flashlights. Once I herd this, my heart sped up

and my stomach dropped, both at the same damn time. So I rush to nearest store to purchase water, and non-pursuable food items in case

we lost power. The store had been cleaned out completely of a all bottled water, perishable food items, and flash lights. So I went down the

street to another store to find the same situation. At this point I’m fighting a panic attack, thinking that this hurricane is going to wash

away my apartment, and take me with it.So on the third store run, I was able to buy the things that I needed. A flash light, like 100 Vienna

Sausages and 3 packs of BudLight. I figured that since I could potentially be washed away in a Hurricane, I might as well get pissy! lol


The night before the Hurricane was calm, not much happened. The weather seemed normal, so i thought that maybe this thing was going

to slow down and hook a left out in to the Atlantic. So I pull out my phone and log in to a weather app, and saw that, that was wishful

thinking. The hurricane had actually strengthened and posed an even bigger threat than before. By this time I’m thinking of making a run

for it up to Nashville where my sister lives, but I told myself to calm down and just wait it out.


So Thursday came, and I was a mess. I couldn’t think straight because the only thought swirling my mind, was the roof of my Apartment

blowing off while I was inside. But I still had to get up and go to work, which I thought would have been the perfect way to take my mind off

the fact that my life was in danger. This was wrong, people at my job sent me in to panic mode even more. Causing me to literally become

sick to my stomach.


So while on lunch, I went to Home Depot just to make sure that I had everything I would need, and I find a store full of madness. People

were buying plywood to board their window, flashlights, charcoal, wood, and anything else to reassure me that shit was about to do

DOWN!! At this point I’m thinking that the City of Orlando is going to be under 20 feet of water, and no life in site. I don’t think that I have

been this scared since I was a child. I’m normally a very calm and composed individual, but all that went out the window.

So when I was leaving work, i turned on the radio to hear the latest still hoping for a miracle, but no chance, the storm was still coming. So

when got home I got back on the weather app to watch a live feed of what was going on, and the first thing i herd was “PREPARE FOR A

DIRECT HIT!!!” After that, I lost it. There was absolutely no way in hell I was going to sit home alone while a hurricane was over my head,

no sir! So I packed my things and got the F out of there! I drove to a high school down the street from me where they offered people to take

shelter from the storm. Check out the pic below:


So once I got there, I checked in with the representative from the American Red Cross. Finally I calmed down because I knew that I would

be safe. So I found a power outlet and sat next to that so I could keep a charge on my phone, just in case we lost power. Luckily I was able to

sit next to the last available one. So now that I’m out of harm’s way, I decided to check up on the latest episode of Empire since I’d missed it

the night before. All was good, I stayed the night at the high school on the hard, very hard gym floor. I probably only slept for like an hour,

it makes me uncomfortable to let my guard down long around strangers. lol


After my hour of sleep, I woke up ready to go home because I realized that I overreacted, and would have been totally fine staying at home.

It was around 6AM that I decided to take a look outside to see if any damage had been done overnight, since that was when the storm got

close to the coast. Everything looked pretty normal, which was a good sign. So I checked the weather app, and it showed that the eye of the

Hurricane passed central Florida, and was making its way up to the Florida/Georgia state line. The outskirt of the Storm was now over us.

Being that I have never been through a hurricane, at this time I didn’t know the outskirt was the worst part. So I decided to wait a little

while, then finally gathered my things since the storm was moving on, or so I thought.



So around 9:30 AM I started to see people leaving, which further let me know it was time to go. I was thankful for the shelter but my neck

and back hurt, and my legs felt numb from sitting on that floor for so many hours, I was over it. As I was preparing to sign out, the Red

Cross rep politely informed me that If sign out, I could not come back. I felt weird about it, but it was just drizzling outside with light wind,

so I figured I was safe to drive since my place wasn’t that far away.


Literally as soon as I walk outside, both the wind and the rain picked up heavily. I got in my car and waited a few minutes for things to slow

down a bit. Once they did, I finally pulled off. After the song that was playing ended, the radio host say “Alright Orlando, the worst leg of

the hurricane is on its way, and we should start seeing the winds increase at 10:00AM so make sure you are in your place of shelter because

it’s going the get ugly out here folks”  I glanced at the time, it was 09:52AM. I didn’t know WHAT to do!! I was scared for my life!


So here I am, driving through a damn hurricane on accident. My nerves were shot, and my adrenaline was pumping. While all of this was

going on, I wondered if a panic attack, and a nervous breakdown were the same thing because I felt like I was expiring both in that

moment. But through the grace of GOD I made it home in one piece. When I arrived in my complex, there was conveniently one spot open

next to a tree next the size of the Empire State Building. I really didn’t want to leave my car next to a tree that size while a hurricane passes,

but I did what I had to do. Lol Once I finally got inside my apartment I was able to breathe easy.

Now that it’s been about a few months, I can finally look back and laugh at this, but I really feared for my life. lol But it was a wake up call

to take hurricane warning a bit more serious in the future. Thank God that hurricane season is over though!


If you have any stories that you think would make people laugh, please feel free to email me, and i’ll make a post just for you. I’ll keep it anonymous if you’d like, just specify that when you send your story. Pictures to go along are also accepted.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment or share this post. Spread some laughs man!!

Marcus A ~



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